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Echelon Eggs is the first NFT collection on the Echelon Network that is completely generated and stored on the blockchain. These are not the typical jpeg stored on ipfs, each EGG consists of a metadata string that will be assembled during your mint transaction and contains an SVG of your EGG that will live on the blockchain forever.

Egg Example

Echelon Eggs are 32px by 32px, and will have a unique color/shape combination. There are 33 colors and 33 shapes that may be used in generating each EGG. There is also a 1 in 33 chance to mint a Gradient Egg. These eggs are always shape # 30, and can be found using the formula:

30 + 33n = Gradient Token ID

Are you quick enough to mint one of these rare eggs?

Egg Example

Purchase your piece of Echelon Network history for only 100 ECH! Limit 5 per transaction.

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Eggs Minted

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Price: 100 ECH

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Eggs with a shadow are staked.

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